Zero Waste Kitchen Set

Zero Waste Kitchen Set


4 Peak rating: 

1. Natural, upcycled materials

2. No harsh chemicals

3. Handmade, reduced production pollution

4. Ethical work practices


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wood, coconut fiber


Let's go green and encourage your loved ones to reduce their plastic waste with this eco friendly kitchen gift set.

What comes with this set:

- Short handle cleaning brush made from reclaimed wood and coconut bristles.
- Wooden dish soap holder made from reclaimed wood.
- Non toxic dish washing soap bar.

*Brush and wooden dish soap holder are fully plant based and compostable.
*Dish soap bar is made from all natural, plant based ingredients that are safe for you and for the environment.
(Choose from lemon or lemon aloe vera scents)

Brush care instruction:

Rinse bristles with warm water. Towel blot to remove excess moisture. Air dry and keep away from direct sunlight.


Brush - 4" x 2.5"
Dish soap holder - 4" x 4"
Natural dishwashing soap: 4 oz