Handmade Wide Mouth Jar Fermentation Weight with Handle

Handmade Wide Mouth Jar Fermentation Weight with Handle


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This fermentation weight is for wide mouth quart and pint jars. This weight holds the vegetables down so the brine can rise to the surface. A hole goes all the way through the center of each weight. Each weight begins with a ball of clay that I compress and shape on a potter's wheel. As with most handmade items, the circles aren't perfectly round and each weight will vary slightly from one another. Food safe glaze covers the entire weight except for the very top of the knob. You can suggest a color and I will include it if I have it in stock. 

Just to clarify, one weight is $15.95.

Cleaning: Clay is porous so there is potential for bacteria to get into the unglazed portion of the weight. Some choose to keep the unglazed portion of the weight above the brine so it doesn't touch the ferment. To minimize the porosity, all of the exposed clay is rubbed down at three different stages during the production process to give it a smoothe finish. Each weight is then fired 1800 degrees F and again at 2200 degrees F. While many fermenters like to carry the good bacterial microbes from one batch of ferments to the next, the weights can be cleaned with your other fermentation supplies. I do not recommend using the dishwasher. Normal warm water and dishsoap should be adequate. Some folks prefer to boil their fermentation supplies in equal parts water and vinegar for a few minutes.

Approximate Dimensions: 2.5 inches wide and .5 inches tall

Approximate Weight: 4.5-5.1 ounces

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