Handmade Wide Mouth Jar Fermentation Cover

Handmade Wide Mouth Jar Fermentation Cover


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1. solar powered shop; handmade, reduces production waste


Perfect for Kombucha or Sourdough! Keeps bugs and fruit flies out!


Dress up your fermentation jars with these cute little caps! These caps are perfect for fermentation concoctions that need to breathe because the caps allow for air circulation. The added bonus is that they fit tightly at the base with an elastic band to keep out fruit flies and other pests. I have personally used them for: kombucha, kefir, ginger bugs, sourdough, kimchi, fermented foods, and honey pots.

The fabric used is 100% muslin.

Dimensions: These caps fit very comfortably over a jar diameter measuring 4.5 inches. They can also fit on smaller wide mouth mason jars. Please send me a message if you have a specific jar size that you would like a cap for. 

My studio is 100% solar-powered!

Made in Duluth, MN