UNPaper Towel Solid Colors

UNPaper Towel Solid Colors


5 Peak rating:

1. 100% cotton

2. handmade and low waste; all scraps are used.

3. compostable packaging

4. ethical work practices

5. gives to various charities; buy 1 give 1 mask program; supports local schools; teaches knitting and sewing to children.


Skip the one-use and Re-Use! Not only do these UNPaper Towels save money, they'll help you save the planet! They are made of 100% Super Soft Cotton Flannel. They naturally cling together so you are able to roll them on your existing Paper Towel Holder! Use them to clean up, wipes or even as fancy napkins!
Flannel gets softer and more absorbent with each wash!

These eco-friendly reusable UNPaper Towels allow you to make the swap in style! These fun cotton patterns make cleaning fun. Along with adding a little fun decoration to the dinner table. A fun treat in kids lunch boxes. Saving the planet, reusing versus wasting paper, the list goes on!

This amazing handmade paper free UNPaper Towel is a product used daily in our home! My son even loves to pull an UNPaper Towel off the roll and help mamma do chores! We use them at dinner and on family outings for spills and other mom stuff! Haha

Serged edges for durability.