Reusable Gift Wraps- Furoshiki

Reusable Gift Wraps- Furoshiki


5 Peak rating:

1. 100% cotton

2. handmade and low waste; all scraps are used.

3. compostable packaging

4. ethical work practices

5. gives to various charities; buy 1 give 1 mask program; supports local schools; teaches knitting and sewing to children.


Furoshiki Gift Wrap
Reusable Gift Wrap, a great Eco choice! Comes with instructions, how to fold...

Serged for durability, no fraying!
Choose your own prints! 

Mini- 12" x 12" Great for small boxes, think ring boxes and small jars! (Our Facial Rounds Jar or Box fit PERFECTLY!)

Regular- 20" x 20" Perfect for most items and medium boxes. Think books, scarves, treat boxes etc ...

Large- 35" x 35" This is great for larger boxes and gifts ... Wine bottles too!