Natural Toilet Cleaner

Natural Toilet Cleaner


4 Peak rating: 

1. Natural, upcycled materials

2. No harsh chemicals

3. Handmade, reduced production pollution

4. Ethical work practices


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**This listing is for a Natural Toilet Brush made from reclaimed teak wood and coconut husks**

Reduce plastic waste with this eco friendly toilet brush. Natural, plant based, and 100% biodegradable.

- Entirely made by hand with reclaimed teak wood (handle) and coconut husks (bristles).
- The heavy duty, stiff, and non scratch coconut fibers eliminate tough stains, making cleaning thorough and easy.
Coconut fibers are resistant to oil and grease, and naturally inhibit bacteria growth.
- The wood handle is handcrafted from highly durable reclaimed teakwood. Sealed with non toxic sealant to enhance its beauty and extend its life.
- Built durable and made to last.

How to care/clean your brush:

Rinse with water after each use. Towel blot if necessary to remove excess moisture. Hang and air dry.


Measures approximately: 14" height x 3.5" width
(35.5cm x 9cm)


Brush with plastic bristles sheds tiny little pieces of plastic which will eventually end up in the ocean and harm the sea life.
Unfortunately these tiny plastic pieces are not filtered out fully by sewage treatment. So when you hear about the "Great Pacific Garbage Patch" the majority of this garbage patch in the Pacific Ocean is actually tiny pieces of plastic that aren't even visible to the human eye.

These tiny plastic pieces are being eaten by marine animals and ending up in the food chain, being consumed by humans in sushi restaurants around the globe! And if you're vegan, they are ending up in our tap water too. Help us turn off the plastic tap and choose a more sustainable option for humans and the planet.