Large Kitchen Brush

Large Kitchen Brush


4 Peak rating: 

1. Natural, upcycled materials

2. No harsh chemicals

3. Handmade, reduced production pollution

4. Ethical work practices


LARGE Kitchen Brush | Dish Brush | Cleaning Brush | Pot Scrubber | Zero Waste Kitchen | Eco Friendly Kitchen | Plastic Free Cleaning



**This listing is for a Large Size Pot Brush/Multipurpose Brush with Long Handle made from reclaimed teak wood and coconut husks**

Reduce plastic waste with this eco friendly dish/pot/pan/multipurpose brush with long handle.
Natural, plant based, and 100% compostable.

- Large and sturdy.
- Entirely made by hand with reclaimed teak wood (handle) and coconut fiber (bristles).
- Coconut fibers are resistant to oil and grease, and naturally inhibit bacteria growth.
- Non-scratch. Safe for use with cast iron, stainless steel cookware, dishes/plates/bows or sinks.
- Wood is sealed with non toxic sealant to extend its life by reducing mold, mildew and decay, making them water and weather resistant.
- Built durable and made to last.
- Suitable for both heavy and light cleaning jobs.
- Built in metal wire on handle so you can easily hang it up in your kitchen after use.
- Brush heads are replaceable. This means that you can effortlessly prolong its lifespan by just replacing the head instead of the entire brush.

Care instruction:

Rinse bristles with warm water. Towel blot to remove excess moisture. Hang to air dry, away from direct sunlight.