100% Organic Mesh Cotton Produce Bags (Set of 6)

100% Organic Mesh Cotton Produce Bags (Set of 6)


4 Peak rating

1. GOTS certified organic materials and eco friendly materials

2. GOTS certified no harsh chemicals and eco-friendly dyes; handmade which reduces production pollution

3. GOTS certified fair trade and ethical work practices.

4. Each product is made by a different organization that supports groups of marginlaized people in India and South Asia. 


Our organic cotton muslin & mesh produce bags are made from 100% cotton!! They are certified organic through GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard).

An easy and convenient way to minimize your environmental impact and keeps toxins out of your body and your food because these bags are organic, sustainable, non- toxic and BPA free bags! Our bags come with a durable drawstring to ensure the storage and security of your fresh foods!

Earth Sunflower is a small, local (NY), woman-owned business! Thank you so much for your support!

Your purchase includes:


2 SM Mesh ( 8"x 10" )

2 MD Mesh ( 10" x 12" )

2 LG Mesh ( 12" x 15" )

Care Instructions:

Machine washable, cold. Hang dry or dry flat. Shrinkage may occur when washing, they stretch back out when used. Enjoy <3
Tare weight is on each individual bag to subtract weight at the register!