Wrapping Paper Alternatives

Wrapping paper is CRAZY wasteful but it also makes it so fun to open presents! You may be thinking, how can I lower my waste on Christmas morning? Well we have the answer!

Enter wrapping paper alternatives.

There are plenty of alternative options to replace traditional wrapping paper that will save you money AND waste!

  1. Reuse old gift bags: Gift bags are awesome because as long you don't rip them apart, you can reuse them again and again. Save them from gifts other people give you on birthdays, Christmas, and other occasions and you're always have a stash for reusing!

  2. Old newspaper: before you throw out (or recycle or compost) that newspaper, why not wrap some gifts in it? It'll save you from going to the store for wrapping paper and it gives that newspaper a second life.

  3. Use the Furoshiki method: use old tshirts or other cloth to wrap presents! Check out this video to learn how to wrap a present with a shirt using the Furoshiki method! If you want, you can also buy cloth that is made for gift wrapping as well!

Bottom line, try to use what you have instead of going out and buying new wrapping paper. If you have rolls of wrapping paper already, encourage your gift recipients to unwrap carefully so you can save and reuse that paper for other gifts.

Using materials that you already have and can be reused is always the best option! Look around your house and get creative! See what you could use to wrap your gifts this year!

Happy wrapping! :)

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