Why Get Peak Certified?

Updated: Sep 29, 2020

I mean cmon what does it really even mean to get Peak Certified? Well that is a great question!

Becoming Peak Certified means that you have submitted an application and our team has interviewed your company, gone through your website, and audited your products and you have passed our rigorous 5 peak assessment. The 5 peaks are as below:

1. Does the company use eco-friendly fabrics and materials?

  • This could mean you use upcycled material, all natural fiber, sustainably harvested materials etc.

2. Does the company use organic or chemical free materials?

  • Is their material USDA Organic, do they use harsh chemicals or dyes in their processes?

3. Is the company being run sustainably?

  • Do they offset the carbon the use, are they using green energy to power their office or workspace, is their packaging eco-friendly?

4. Does the company use ethical workforces and fair trade?

  • Are they providing fair wages for workers, sourcing ethically, and having good working conditions?

5. How does the company build community with charity?

  • Are they giving back to the community, are they apart of any partnerships that help the earth or people?

So why should you get certified? You should get certified so you can BRAG about it! Put your certification stamp on your website! Scream it from a mountain top! You should feel good that you passed the test! It is very impressive that you did. We always want to challenge our Peakers (all of you awesome people) to strive to get even more green! Another huge reason to get certified is so when people see your product they know that they are getting something that is truly good for themselves and the planet!

So hurry up and get certified! Click the logo below if you want to be linked to the application!

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