What Can I Compost At Home?

Eco Peak Co composts a lot every day from food scraps to cardboard. Composting is an awesome way to help reduce your waste going to the landfill and keep the earth happy and healthy. Recently I have learned about SO many different materials the can actually be composted that I thought had to be recycled or thrown in the trash. Since I didn't know you could do this, I thought there may be other people who also don't know. So here is a list of things you can compost in your home compost:

  1. Food Scraps: this may be the first item you think of when you think of composting. Composting your food scraps is an awesome first step in reducing your waste! But not all scraps can be composted. Items that can be composted include: vegetable, fruits, coffee grounds, eggshells, tea bags and nut shells. Items that CANNOT be composted include: Meat or fish, fats, grease, lard, or dairy products.

  2. Yard Waste: grass clippings, branches, or leaves can all be thrown into your compost at home!

  3. Houseplants: yes, your succulent that you've been trying to revive for the last two months because you're too embarrassed to admit you killed the "easiest plant to take care of" (we've all been there... right?) can be thrown into your compost to create new soil for your next hopeful houseplant purchase!

  4. Cardboard: those Amazon packages, that just happened to appear out of no where during quarantine, can also be thrown into your compost! This also includes pizza boxes, all those toilet paper rolls from all the toilet paper you've been hoarding, and even your paper towel rolls! Click here to learn how to compost the different types of cardboard properly.

  5. Old Newspaper: and most other paper products like used napkins, paper towels, printer paper, etc. depending on what is on those paper products are considered home compostable!

  6. Hair and Fur: What?! Yes! After shaving your beards, brushing your hair, or your furry best friend throw that stuff into your compost instead of the trash!!

  7. Fireplace Ash: Cleaning out the fireplace just got so much better! Not only will you have a squeaky clean fireplace when you're done, but you will also be reducing your waste and increasing your garden's soil supply by adding the ashes to your backyard compost!

  8. Dryer Lint and Vacuum Lint: No one likes lint. It sticks to everything and is super annoying to clean out of the dryer and vacuum! Throwing it into the compost may not make the chore less gross, but it can make you feel better about where all that dirt is ending up!

  9. Wood Chips and Saw Dust: when you've finished your latest DIY planter project, add those scraps to the compost to help your plants group!

  10. Random Items: Bamboo utensils, natural straws, and even lots of scrubbers and brushes you can get off of Eco Peak Co can be composted! Just make sure if you have something like a bamboo toothbrush that you pull out the bristles before you compost the handle!

There are SO many items you can compost right in your backyard to help reduce your waste and help plants stay healthy! Look around your house and before you throw something away, make sure it can't be composted first. This is a small but super easy way to help keep our earth green!

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