The Ultimate Eco-Friendly Gift Guide for Every Budget

Christmas is coming fast and there's a good chance you're needing to buy some presents for the wonderful people in your lives. Whether you're having a Secret Santa with your friends or shopping for your family members, we've got you covered! We've created a guide for eco-friendly gifts for every budget!

Gifts $15 and under:

  1. Shampoo and Conditioner bars: Everyone uses shampoo and conditioner, why not help them find their new favorite sustainable option? We have tons of options for hair needs, colors, and scents!

  2. A Wooden Soap Dish: Keep their new shampoo and conditioner bars lasting longer with this super cute soap dish!

  3. Facial Cotton Rounds: Help your bestie ditch those wasteful throw away cotton rounds and replace them with these adorable and soft reusable ones!

  4. Stainless Steel Cocktail Straws: We've all seen the normal reusable straws, but now you can make your cocktails more sustainable. These come with 3 stainless steel cocktail straws and a cleaner brush to make sure your straws stay squeaky clean. We also have full sized reusable straws, organic bamboo straws, and wheat straws if you're looking for a more sustainable disposable option.

  5. Lotion Stick: lotion what?? Yes, a lotion STICK. Stop throwing away all those plastic lotion bottles and start using a lotion stick made from recyclable materials! These would make an awesome stocking stuffer for all your friends and family!

  6. Earrings: Hello eco-friendly jewelry! These studs are perfect for that person that loves earrings!

Gifts $30 and under:

  1. Cloth Produce Bags: Bump up your shopping game with these reusable bags! They're great for shopping in the bulk section at stores to reduce your plastic waste!

  2. Wool Dryer Balls: Did you know that dryer sheets contain tons of toxic chemicals and micro plastics. Yuck! Wool dryer balls are made from natural wool and do everything a dryer sheet does without all the nasty chemicals and plastics! They also help reduce drying time which saves time and money!

  3. Unpaper Towels: Did you know you can use cloth instead of paper for cleaning up those messes? These towels come in tons of patterns and solid colors and they roll up just like paper towels.

  4. Baby Accessories: We have tons of different wooden teething rings and teething loveys. All made with organic materials and free of any nasty chemicals. So you can get that special little one in your life a fun gift without any worry! We also have extra soft bibs and burp cloths for those little nuggets.

  5. Bamboo Cutlery: No any friends that are sick of using plasticware from restaurants? Check out these travel bamboo cutlery sets! They come with a knife, fork, spoon, chop sticks, straw, straw brush, and a linen carrying case that you could double as a reusable napkin! You'll be set for your next socially distanced picnic.

Gifts $45 and under:

  1. Eco-Friendly Boxers: If you're the type of person to always get people underwear for Christmas, I'm looking at you moms, consider getting these eco-friendly ones! These GOTS certified organic cotton boxers have no harsh chemicals, made with renewable energy and ethical work practices, and a percentage of the proceeds is donated to save the bees! What's not to love about these stocking stuffers?

  2. Safety Razors: Help your friends ditch disposable razors and switch to safety razors! Made out of stainless steel and the only part you have replace are the razor blades, which can be recycled! Saving your waste and money. They come in tons of cute colors to fit every personality!

  3. Eco-Friendly Phone Cases: Ever think about all those plastic phone cases that get thrown out? Help your fam upgrade their look into a more sustainable one! These cases come made out of coffee beans, jasmine, alpine hay, and roses. So not only will their phones look good but they'll smell good too!

  4. Men's Grooming Kit: Complete with body wash, shaving soap, and after shave, the men in your life will look good, smell good, and feel good!

  5. Eco-Friendly Cleaning Kit: These kits reduce waste by using a reusable cleaning bottle and 2 oz cleaning concentrate containers to reduce your carbon footprint in shipping. You pour the concentrate into the spray bottles, add water, and you're done!

  6. Customizable Wooden Journal and Planner: Know someone who likes to journal? These beautiful, handcrafted journals are perfect for them! You can choose the type of wood used for the cover and the design or name on it. Your journaling friends and family are sure to love this beautiful and personalized notebook!

There's a ton more items on our website that fit into these budgets. Check out out home page for the links to our $15 and under, $30 and under, and $45 and under pages!

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