How to be Eco-Friendly On Halloween

Halloween is such a fun time of year! You get to decorate with pumpkins, drink apple cider, dress up in a fun costume, and get free candy. What's not to love??

Did you know that in Americans love Halloween so much that in 2018 we spent $3.2 billion on costumes? Nearly $2.6 billion of candy was bought for trick or treaters and $2.7 billion was spent on decorations for the big holiday!

All of that spending leads to a whole lot of waste, like millions costumes and billions of plastic candy wrappers in the landfill kind of waste. This is a HUGE problem, but there are tons of ways to make your Halloween less wasteful and more sustainable this year! Check below for some eco-friendly Halloween tips!


It's always so fun coming up with a costume idea and watching you dreams come to life when you find the costume in the store. However, shopping for a costume at a major retail store only produces a lot of waste and carbon. Here are a few ideas of how to choose a more sustainable costume.

  1. Have a clothing swap party, costume edition: Have all your friends bring their past costumes and swap with each other. Or with COVID, make a Facebook group to post each other's costumes and mail them or drop them off to each other!

  2. Thrift stores: Go to your local thrift store and see what costumes you can make from the clothes you find!

  3. Online thrift stores and facebook marketplace: If you're not wanting to go to the store, there are plenty of online ways to buy secondhand. Websites like ThredUp, eBay, and Facebook Marketplace are all great ways to reduce your costume waste.

  4. Reusable outfits: If you have to buy new clothes, try to buy clothes that you can wear after Halloween! A good rule of thumb is to think that if you can wear it at least 30 times, then it's a more sustainable purchase.

  5. DIY: Make your own costume from what you have in your home already! Shop in your closet before running out to the store!


Candy just might be the most excited part about Halloween for both kids and adults. However, it creates a lot of waste and many of the large candy companies do not use ethical work practices and use harmful ingredients like palm oil. Here are a few companies that are Fair Trade certified and you may be able to find in your local grocery store!

  1. Alter Eco: This company makes truffles that would be perfect for handing out to trick or treaters!

  2. free2b: They have sunflower butter and chocolate cups! They come in a two pack that your visitors are sure to love.

  3. Healthy Chocolate Florida LLC: If you are looking for sugar-free, gluten-free, dairy-free, vegan, and kosher look no further! Healthy chocolate has got you covered with individually wrapped chocolates!

  4. OCHO Candy: This company made a special Halloween mix so you can easily grab a bag and be ready for the crowd! The bag comes with a mix of Milk Chocolate Caramel, Milk Chocolate Peanut Butter and Dark Chocolate Coconut, a little something for everyone!

  5. Unreal Brands: They have a variety of products and flavors from chocolate and coconut bars, chocolate and peanut butter cups, and little chocolate gems. This brand, however, is on the more expensive end of these chocolates.


Plastic skeletons, spiders, and inflatable ghosts are all super cute to put on your front lawn but they create a lot of waste and use a ton of energy. So, the alternative?

  1. Pumpkins and Gourds: The perfect zero waste decoration! Go to your local pumpkin patch to find your favorites and then compost or eat at the end of the season!

  2. Straw or hay bails and corn stalks: Another great option if you like to compost! When it's time to take the decorations down these can also be added to your compost.

  3. Solar powered or LED lights: If you love having light up decorations for the holiday, opt for these more eco-friendly options to run them.

  4. Make decorations from what you have in your home: Make a wreath from twigs in your yard, make a banner using construction paper and string, or make a craft you find on Pinterest! Get creative and make it a fun family activity.

  5. Thrift Stores: Check out your local thrift store to see if you can find any festive finds! You'll save money from going to a big retail chain and you're saving waste!

Halloween doesn't have to be wasteful. Try some of these tips to lower your waste this October. Send us or tag us in pictures of your sustainable halloween celebrations!


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