Eco-Friendly Gifts For Her

Shopping for that special someone? We've got you covered. We have a full gift guide just for the special lady in your life. Whether that's your significant other, your sister, your mom, or your friends! Check it out below.

$15 and under:

  1. Zero Waste Shampoo and Conditioner Bars(Starting at $10.95): We have TONS of options for our shampoo bars from different scents to hair type! We can guarantee you'll find the perfect bar for every girl on your list!

  2. Lavender Shave Bar($6.99): Complete her shower routine with a shave bar! These shave bars come in a variety of scents to fit each personality and make shaving even more fun!

  3. Leather Palm Leaf Studs($14.99): These studs are perfect for every jewelry loving girl! They are made of genuine leather and handmade to reduce production pollution!

  4. Organic Lip Balm($7.99): Lip balm is the perfect gift, especially in the middle of winter when everyone's lips are crying for help from this dry weather. These even come in an all natural sugarcane paper instead of plastic to reduce plastic waste.

  5. Reusable Cotton Rounds($14.99): Help her reduce her waste in her bedtime routine! These cotton rounds are not only washable and reusable, but they are also oh so soft AND they come in so many cute prints!

$30 and under:

  1. Safety Razor($29.99): Did you add one of those shave bars to your cart? Complete the set with one of our safety razors. You can pick from a variety of colors so you're bound to find the perfect one for your person!

  2. Organic Mesh Cotton Produce Bags($23.50): Grocery shopping just got so much more fun! Give this gift to help reduce their plastic waste in their weekly groceries and they'll think of you each time they go shopping.

  3. UNtoilet paper($29.990): Do you know a super eco girl? UNtoilet paper may be the perfect gift for her. They won't have to buy toilet paper ever again!

  4. Teething Lovey($22.99): Is there a baby girl in your life? This teething lovey is perfect for her! Its made out of organic material and free of any harsh chemicals so you know you can feel good about giving it to your baby.

  5. Wool Dryer Balls($24): Did you know that dryer sheets are full of micro plastics and toxic chemicals? YUCK! Wool dryer balls are perfect for anyone because they are free of plastic, chemicals, AND they reduce drying time! It's a win-win-win!

$45 and below:

  1. Organic T-shirt($32): Everyone loves a good t-shirt, why not get one with an important message on it? These shirts come with a variety of phrases on the such as, "kindness", "justice", or "respect". Spread some love and kindness with these shirts this Christmas.

  2. Skin Serum($32.95): Check out this plastic free, all natural skin serum! Grab this for any girl who loves her beauty regimen and would love to add to it!

  3. Organic Pillow Case($45): Organic what?? Yes they make organic pillow cases!! Come check out our selection and give the gift of soft and cozy pillow cases.

We have TONS more of items for every girl in your life, come check out our site to find the perfect eco gifts!

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