Eco-Friendly Gift Guide for Him

Shopping for people can be hard! Some people are super picky which makes shopping SO stressful and other people "don't need anything" which just doesn't help you at all.

We are here to help. We have put together the ultimate gift guide for the men in your life. These gifts are perfect for your dad, brother, significant other, or your friends! We've even broken it up by price so you can stay budget conscious. So sit back, relax, and check out our guide :)

Gifts $15 and below:

  1. Cool Musk Shave Bar: ($5.99) Help your guy replace his shave cream with this eco-friendly swap! These shave bars come in tons of scents like cool musk, Japanese cherry blossom, and lavender.

  2. Soap Bar: (starting at $5.99) Speaking of soap, we have TONS of soap bars! They come in a variety of styles and scents. Check out our personal care section under men's products to find one perfect for your guy.

  3. Natural Deodorant: ($12.95) Keep your men smelling fresh with our all natural deodorant! We have a variety of scents or unscented to fit every guys needs.

  4. UnSponges: ($14.95) Make cleaning more fun by gifting a colorful unsponge! These can be washed and used over and over unlike those sponges you buy in the store. They come in a variety of patterns too!

  5. Cleaning Tabs: ($5.99) Speaking of cleaning, check out these awesome and powerful cleaning tabs. Cleaning the toilet just got a lot more fun. Drop these puppies into the toilet and watch them work. Fighting grime and protecting the environment all at once!

Gifts $30 and below:

  1. Aftershave: ($15.99) If you liked the shave bar in the last section, check out this all natural after shave to go with! Your guy will look sharp and smell great!

  2. Socks: ($18.95) We all know that one guy that loves fun socks. Why not grab a pair that are made better to protect the environment and donates to an awesome cause?? We have a large selection on our site, we're positive you will find a pair perfect for a gift!

  3. Eco Peak Co Shirt: ($24.99) Speaking of clothes, who doesn't love a good t-shirt?? Check out our organic and eco-friendly shirt!

  4. Beard Brush and Comb set: ($16) Make sure all your bearded guys keep their facial hair looking clean and tidy.

Gifts $45 and below:

  1. Organic Boxers: ($31.99) get a pair to go with those world saving socks! These are rated 5 peaks so you know that you're getting an amazing product and doing a lot to protect the earth with each purchase.

  2. Waterproof Changing Pad: ($34.99) For all the dads out there we have the CUTEST changing pads. Each is made with organic cotton and handmade with love. Not to mention they come in tons of patterns. What's not to love?

  3. Safety Razor: ($35.99) To complete the shaving and grooming arsenal, grab a cool safety razor! You can get them with a stand or without and they save SO MUCH plastic from the usual disposable razor. Theres a variety of colors so you bound to find one that fits each man in your life.

  4. Customizable Wood Wireless Charger: ($42) Got a tech guy? These customizable wood wireless chargers are the perfect tech toy! You can pick the type of wood and design you want to ultra personalize it for whoever you get it for. Can you say slam dunk?

  5. Customizable Wood Journal/Planner: ($37) Another great personalized option for those who love to write. You can pick the wood and design on it to make it extra special. This company even plants a tree for every tree used!

Check out our gifts section to find more ideas for your special guys! Happy shopping :)

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