Easy Ways To Have An Eco-Friendly Thanksgiving

The turkey, the mashed potatoes, the PIE. There's so much to love about Thanksgiving. It's such a wonderful holiday that reminds us to pause, spend time with family, and remember everything we are grateful to have.

All that celebrating comes with a lot of food waste, so we've created a guide of super easy ways to reduce your waste this holiday season!

  1. Get your turkey local! Instead of going to your super market this year, research local poultry farms around you to see if you can get a turkey from them. Support a local organization and reduce the carbon footprint of your turkey! Also, see if you can get your other ingredients from a local store or farmers market instead of going to the big stores.

  2. Coordinate meals with family and friends. This way you won't end up with 3 of the same dish!

  3. Half all the recipes. Only prepare half the recipe calls for. You're most likely going to have loads of other dishes so you probably don't need a full recipe of everything.

  4. Freeze vegetable scraps and the turkey bones to make stock or broth after the holiday!

  5. If you're needing to buy disposable utensils and plates, buy compostable! Ideally we would all use reusable plates and utensils but that isn't always possible. There are tons of compostable options you can shop from. Just make sure you actually compost them after. OR you can ask one or two guests to bring some of their silverware and plates so you have enough reusable ones for everyone!

  6. Send leftovers home! Make sure that each person takes some leftovers home so everyone gets a little bit that easy to eat and no one ends up with all the leftovers that will take them two weeks to eat through and likely get thrown away.

There are so many ways to reduce your waste this Thanksgiving. Even though celebrations may look different this year, consider incorporating some of these tips!


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