Can Black Friday Be Sustainable?

To shop or not to shop.

Ah Black Friday, nothing like waking up the morning after celebrating everything you're thankful for door busting deals. We've all seen those videos of people rushing into big box stores as soon as the doors open at midnight to get their hands on the hottest new whatever and won't let ANYONE get in the way of returning home triumphantly with their prizes.

I personally have always disliked Black Friday because I used to work at a pretzel stand in the mall which meant I was at the mall at or before 5 AM the morning after thanksgiving, to make pretzels for some very hungry and very tired shoppers. Not exactly who I want to spend my holidays with.

However, Black Friday is a great opportunity to save major $$ on Christmas presents for your loved ones and honestly who doesn't love saving money? But what about from the sustainability stand point? Many people refuse to participate in Black Friday because it only encourages consumerism, which bad for the environment. So if you're an environmentalist, should you protest Black Friday?

The answer can be a bit of a gray area and it really comes down to personal preference. If you're going to shop at big box stores on Black Friday, then maybe it would be best to skip the shopping. Shopping at big box stores can support fast fashion, unethical labor practices, and unsustainable corporations. Shopping there on Black Friday only encourages them to continue these practices. Not to mention, most of the products bought are not built to last and end up getting thrown away within a year, along with all the packaging they came in.

However, if you're wanting to buy sustainable and eco-friendly products from smaller businesses and you're waiting for them to go on sale, because let's be honest choosing more sustainable products can be more expensive up front, then why not take advantage of the deals?

Before you make your plans to shop or not to shop this Black Friday or Cyber Monday, think about the products you're going to shop for. Do they support small businesses? Does the company or product hurt or help the environment? Is the company transparent about their work practices? Is there a sustainable alternative for this product?

Our website is full of products from small businesses that are also on a mission to protect our planet. If you're wanting to save money on your holiday shopping but not sure where to find sustainable alternative for your gifts, browse our different sections. You can shop this Black Friday knowing you are supporting small business and making a positive difference for our planet.

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