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Our 5 Peak Rating System provides you a clear view of which products best align with your environmental values.

All companies and products will meet at least a 1 peak rating which is difficult to achieve.

All the companies and products on our site will be among the highest environmental standards. We applaud the efforts of our Peak community and encourage them to continue to earn more Peaks!

Our 5 Peaks are below: 

Materials- Does the company use eco-friendly fabrics or materials?

  •  Upcycled, natural fibers, organic certified, sustainably harvested, etc...

Production- Does the company use environmentally friendly practices in production? 

  • Do they use eco-friendly processes, natural dyes and scents, production offsets? 

Corporate Responsibility- Is the company being run sustainably? 

  • Do they offset their carbon in their offices, shops, eco-conscious packaging/ shipping processes? Are they using renewable energy? 

Workforce Ethics- Does the company use ethical workforces and fair trade? 

  • Are they providing fair wages, sourcing ethically, and providing ethical working conditions?

Charity Involvement- How does the company build community through charity? 

  • Are they giving back to the community?

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