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Our Story

The first scream of our first born came at 3:13AM in our first year of marriage during a global pandemic. Like many of you, we’ve watched this year as climate change and political turmoil have literally and figuratively set the world ablaze.   We felt compelled to act because we want the future of our child, and all children, to be brighter than what we currently see. The question became: what can we do? How can one couple impact the world? We knew we needed more people alongside us. Thus, an idea came to mind: we could support small eco-friendly businesses by helping consumers make earth friendly decisions, slowly changing the future one purchase at a time. We developed a Five Peak Rating system to assist consumers with the research of each brand. Baby in one hand, mask in the other, we began to curate high quality eco-friendly brands that are in it to make a global difference, not just a profit. Eco Peak Co ratings tell you what that brand is doing to give you the best product and  how they are ensuring that you and future generations have a beautiful world to enjoy. We are Eco Peak Co and we are your one-stop shop for everything eco-friendly. So the question we ask you is: will you join us on this journey to make this world a little better with each purchase we make?

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